Tuesday, July 24, 2007

7 Weeks Old

I have been thinking of writing for days now but every time I get on I don't.

So, what been going on with me and the girls?

*They had their first real smiles 2 weeks ago. H1 first then H2 two days later. It is SO amazing to see them being so happy. They are really starting to be more awake and wanting to play. I love it! Even though they are getting bigger and more fun...I'm already sad about how fast they are growing. They won't be my little itty bitties for long.

*For two nights in a row they slept for 5 hours straight!!! At first I was scared to change their schedule at night but I think they appreciate it. They are awake most of the day and sleep at night. It really did happen all of a sudden.

*We went on our first outing alone (just me and the girls.) We went to Target to exchange some summer outfit that are 6 months (it'll be December when they're 6 months and they can't wear summer outfits in December!) Well, as soon as we got their I got out of the car and got the girls into the stroller. I turned around to turn off the car and found that the wind had closed the door!!! Luckily I had everything I needed outside of the car but the doors were locked with the engine running. *sheesh* Fun story to tell the girls about their first outing! So, I called R to have his co-worker come and jimmy the door to get my keys. Me and the girls went into the store and browsed a bit while waiting for him. When he got there R called and I met him at the front of the store. Not only were my keys locked in the car, the battery also died on me!!! I'm kinda glad that I hadn't been able to drive because it would have died on me driving down the road! We got it all worked out, luckily. (Did I mention that a week later my brakes went out...luckily the girls weren't in the car with me!!!) I desperately need my Mountaineer fixed ASAP!

* My mentor, Laura, from the twins club came over to meet me and the girls. She brought me lunch and some food to cook for another day. She is so super nice and has given me some great advice.

* I think I may have found a hobby. I've never had one before so I'm excited. I have been doing some digital scrap-booking. We'll see?!?

Friday, July 6, 2007

1 Month Old

I can not believe that the girls are a month old now. It's gone by so fast! It's amazing to see how much they have progressed. They are more alert and are getting to really starting to show their true personalities. I get so happy sometimes I could just explode! It is just truly amazing.


H1 rolled over today! It was so funny. H2 keeps trying but she hasn't gotten there quite yet.
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