Saturday, July 23, 2011

Butterfly Broke Her Wing

We had our first broken bone in the house last week. On Thursdays after dance class we, normally, go to eat with Doodle for supper. We get out of dance around five o’clock and head to her house and wait for her to get home from work. The girls are there often and make themselves right at home as soon as they walk in.
They had both been playing in their room for a little while and they came out to the living room and started dancing. Once their song was over they both climbed up onto the sectional to “welax”. Right after I got a call from my Mom saying she was on her way so I told the girls to go clean up and get their shoes on so we could be ready when she got home. They both stood up onto the couch and held hands. *There is where is all goes bad.* Butterfly went to jump off of the couch while her sissy went to sit down and scoot off. As Butterfly jumped down her sister was, on turn, pulling her backwards and she was yanked sideways as she jumped.
I just so happened to be taking a photo of them as they got down and it caught her right as she landed on the floor.
Hannah's Broken Elbow
I can't believe I got this photo and I wasn't planning on sharing because it just breaks my heart.
She landed right onto her elbow and she instantly starting screaming bloody murder. LadyBug ran to me and we both rushed over make sure she was okay. As soon as I saw her arm I knew it was broken. It started swelling immediately, she refused to move it and just continued to cry and cry.

Luckily Doodle walked in right after it happened and took a look at her. She’s a nurse who has worked in pediatrics for over twelve years and she agreed that it was probably broken. I grabbed the phone and called the girls Daddy, told him was happened and had him meet us at Urgent Care.

We got seen extremely quickly and they did a few x-rays of her arms. They did one on each arm to compare. Children’s elbows are very difficult to examine because most of the “bone” is has yet to turn from cartilage to permanent bone and some types of elbow fractures don’t show up on an x-ray. The doctor told us that often the only sign of a broken elbow is swelling of the “fat pads” located in the elbow. After her x-rays were examined her showed us that she had a whole lot of swelling of the fat pads and they were going to treat it as a break and send her to be reevaluated with an orthopedist the next day. She was put into a soft cast and instructions to call the orthopedic office first thing in the morning.

Hannah's Broken Elbow1 
The next morning I called right when the office opened to try and get in with the doctor. The orthopedic center has a history of being difficult to get into so I jumped right on it. Luckily they are usually good at pushing younger children to the front of the line at the fracture center and we were able to get in first thing. After the doctor reexamined her and her x-rays he agreed that she did indeed have a fracture and needed a hard cast.
Hannah's Broken Elbow2Hannah's Broken Elbow3

She, of course, picked out a hot pink cast and was pretty mesmerized with the entire process. LadyBug was our photographer for the event and got home pretty good photos! 

Hannah's Broken Elbow4
This hot pink cast deserves two suckers!

She is pretty proud of her pretty cast but refuses to let anyone sign it. Honestly, she doesn’t seem to notice it’s there unless it gets in her way. There has been a little trouble with putting clothes on and going potty. She is also having to miss out of swimming lessons which she isn’t too pleased about but besides that she’s been business as usual.

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