Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween from Cinderella and Tinkerbell

The girls had a photo shoot with Poppy to show off their Halloween costumes. They absolutely love getting in front of the camera and showing off their beautiful dresses. They spun, they twirled, they danced and they sang. They even invited Kitten over since she (and our other black cat Little Foot) are our best Halloween decorations. She’s a really great cat and doesn’t mind being held.

October 2010 014October 2010 046

My beautiful Hannah is dressed as Cinderella this year. She isn’t a big fan of wearing a blue dress (she’s a pink girly-girl kind of chick) but once she got her big beautiful hair bow and her crown she was ready to go! She was a little upset that I was unable to find real glass slippers in her size though. But let’s be honest, glass shoes on a three year old is bad news and with their teeny-tiny feet it’s hard to find shoes anyway. I think my favorite photos are the cutesy pose she did in the second and her “do what I say servant” finger point. She’s officially ready to be a real princess!

October 2010 021October 2010 024October 2010 037October 2010 039October 2010 049

Hailey chose her Tinkerbell costume because, well, she loves all things Tink. She loves to flutter around and pretend to fly and her favorite activities are tinkering with everything. It is a perfect fit for her. I was able to find her costume last year at yard sale and fell in love with how feminine it was. It’s not your average plain green Tink dress. It has a row of pink roses around the waist and pink tool over the green skirt and is very glittery. She spent most of the photo shoot smiling adorable and hopping/flying from bush to bush looking for other fairies.

October 2010 020October 2010 027October 2010 030October 2010 040October 2010 017

We’ll be leaving in about an hour to go trick-or-treating. I’m hoping that they are able to keep their stamina up since they’ve still been getting really tired since they’ve been so sick last week. Wish us luck!

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