Thursday, May 29, 2008

What's In Your Bag?

On the HDYDI website the latest post is about MoM Krissy and how her diaper bag habits have changes as her twinnies grew and what she keeps in her bag now. In the spirit of things I thought I would share with you the contents of our diper bag.

6 diapers
1 pack of wipes
1 can of forumla
2 sippy cups
1 snack cup of Cheerios
1 snack cup of Puffs
1 snack box of animal crackers
1 snack bag of Little Fruits
2 pow-pows per girl (pacifiers)
2 pairs of shoes
1 bottle of Tylenol
1 medicine dropper
1 bottle of Hyland's teething tablets
1 bottle of Germ-X
1 wallet
1 digital camera
1 set of keys

Now this big in no way shape of form resembles the monster I cared when they were first born. I put everything but the kitchen sink in that thing! Extra clothes, bibs, toys, socks, clothes for me, burp clothes, you name it...I had it!

As you can tell H1 and H2 are big on the food! They absolutely love to eat. As I stated in the last post H2 no longer eats the Cheerios (thought I will keep trying to give them to her) so I have to make sure I bring a little bit of each type of snack for them.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Finger Foods

The girls just love eating dinner now. They are such amazing eaters and love being able to feed themselves. It keeps the frustration level down since no one is waiting on slow-poke-mommy to get the spoon to their mouth. So far H1 will eat everything but H2 is starting to show some preferences. If there is something she does or does not want she'll pick them out. She is a huge broccoli fan and I think would probably eat broccoli all day every day if she could. On the other hand she will no longer eat Cheerios. Of course, the cheapest finger snack and she won't eat it! If you put them in front of her with some Puffs she'll pick the Puffs out to eat and then proceed to throw the Cheerios at you. It really does make me laugh!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Our First Shoes

Today we went to the mall and got the girls their first pair of "Big Girl Shoes!" They are doing more and more walking and it will only be a matter of days before they're walking across the living room. (Note to self...remember to video tape them walking for the website.) It has been difficult to find shoes that fit their little feet. They have very narrow feet, like me, and also have absolutely no heels. It took about three different shoes to finally find ones that would stay on their feet. They have done really great with them today. It only took a few tries but they got a hang of them and were up to their normal cruising around.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Our First Real Meal

Tonight the girls had their first "real" meal of macaroni and cheese, carrots and peaches tonight. All finger foods that they ate completely by themselves! I should have had the camera ready. The first thing they did was put their first hand straight into the food and make a funny face. Although they have eaten many fingers foods before they didn't seem to know what to do. The main thing seemed to be the wetness of the peaches. H2 could barely stand it! Once they finally figured out what to do they were eating machines.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy First Mother's Day

My first Mother's Day was very special. I had my girls and a house full of female relatives to celebrate with. We had an amazing brunch and a whole lot of fun. All the kids were having a ball playing with each other. H1 and H2 really enjoy having other babies around and Layci perfectly fit the bill. H1 and Lay seem to be a little more buddy-buddy than her and H2 but then they switched off. It almost makes me wonder if Lay realized she was playing with two different people. They did all sorts of playing until it was everyone's lunch then nap time.

H1 playing with a front end loader (her Daddy is so proud!) and H2 waving!

Look at all the good playing we did with Lay. Sharing a book to read, playing with the tractor, trying to jump rope and then doing a little mischief in PJ's car seat!

Playing in the living room while "Mo Wisa" (how Buzz pronounced Ms. Lisa) watches on.

Our First Swim in the Big Pool

The girls went for their first swim today during Lay-Lay (their cousin)'s first birthday party. At first they just got into Lay's little splash pool that Aunt Tes (PJ's Mommy) got for her but then I decided to go all out and see how they would do. They absolutely loved it and had so much fun! They kicked and splashed and laughed up a storm. I swear they thought they were as big as all the other kids in the pool. We were in for quite awhile but even so they still got mad at me when it was time to get out. I can't wait to go swimming with them again!

Everyone outside!

H2 in the red float - H1 in the blue

H1 and her entourage and me with H2.

Hunty and H1

Tay-Tay in the background with Me and H2.

Friday, May 9, 2008

We've Made It

We made it here safe, sound, and still sane! The girls did pretty well in the car with the exception of not wanting to sleep. They napped for maybe thirty minutes on the way down. They got a little fussy but Grandma was able to keep them occupied and content. We arrived in town at about 1:30p and ran some errands before getting to my Aunt's house. We went by the bank (to cash my much needed paycheck), to the drug store for some diapers and wipes, and through a drive-thru for some much needed nourishment. When we got here I fed the girls, changed them and put them immediately down for a nap. They slept for about two hours. When they woke up it was time to go to a picnic lunch for my cousins oldest two to celebrate the end of the lacrosse season. Now, if you asked me, H1 and H2 what lacrosse was at this point we would probably tell you a game with a stick, a ball, hot dogs and some jammin tunes. At the picnic they had a DJ playing music and the girls were both rocking out. I definitely need to get myself in-check and catch them on video! It is so funny! Once we got home the girls got a nice warm bath and went off to sleep. As soon as their little heads hit the mattress they were out like I probably should be now.

I must also mention two things. 1) H1 should be getting tooth number three any day now! So, keep your fingers crossed she doesn't teeth to bad while we're here. 2) H2 signed a new word on the drive down. She signed "more"! They are just amazing!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Cause I'm Leaving In A Rental Van

In a little more than 24 hours we will be heading down the highway to visit my family in South Florida. My Mom, the girls and I are loading up into a rental van (so we can fit everything) and leaving before sunrise tomorrow morning. So, in preparation, today, I have gotten all but a few necessities packed up and sitting by the door. In a little while Nana is coming over to help us go to the rental car place. From then on out I'll be packing the van down and going into warp speed. I'll update when we get down there!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Good Morning Beautiful Girls

The girls woke up in a wonderful mood this morning. I couldn't help but snap some pictures! They are normally very happy when they wake up but today it was if they woke up from a wonderfully funny dream.



Monday, May 5, 2008

11 Months Old

The girls are officially 11 months old day! Oh how the time has flown. To celebrate they decided to crawl over to the toy area, go under the jumperoo and pull down the biggest toy basket they could find. Are the teething toys are helping because they are teething up a storm today. They went to sleep with their hands in their mouths and woke up with their hands in their mouths. Maybe tooth number three will come through soon!

It's always fun to make a mess for Mama to clean up!


Teeth: 2
Words: Dada, Mama, Duck-Duck, Ki-Ki (Kitten)
Signs: Bye-bye, milk and all-done/finished
Favorite toy: Rubber duckies, cups and her hour glass rattle
Food: Bananas and green beans
Funniest thing she does: Makes the new "cheese face" when she sees a camera and breathes really fast when she gets excited.

Teeth: 2
Words: Dada, Mama, Duck-Duck
Signs: Bye-bye, milk
Favorite toy: Rubber duckies, balls and books
Food: Applesauce and carrots
Funniest thing she goes: Started clicking her tongue and makes a funny noise where she sucks in air really fast.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

In The Pool

Aunt Becky came over today to visit. The girls always have a great time with her because she isn't afraid to get down and dirty with us. She brought her camera over and took a ton of pictures of the girls. I can't wait to see them all! Since Uncle Ismael and Daddy went fishing we decided to have a girls day...just the four of us. While she was there H1 took a few more independent steps! H2 tried but she wasn't really feeling like it.

H2 laying down reading a book with Aunt Becky
and H2 bringing a new book to read!

We were finally able to get outside and do a little splashing in the pool. It was a beautiful day and since Becky was here she helped the girls get in their new (and adorable) swim suits and bring them outside. It wasn't even a half a second after their tooshies hit the water that they were splashing and laughing. H1 has this little sound she makes when she gets really, really excited. She sucks in real fast in little spirts. *he-he-he-he* She started doing it in the pool today. She also kept leaning down over on the the sea horse squirter in the middle of the pool and was drinking the water as though she was drinking from a water fountain. It was very funny! H2 was just a splashing machine! Becky took a whole bunch more pictures for me. I will definitely post them when I get them.

Here's a little video. I'm sorry it's sideways. I shot it this way not thinking and I don't know how to change it.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Blue Crab Festival

Today we went with Aunt Tes, Uncle James & PJ to the Blue Crab Festival on the coast. It is a pretty small event and we mainly went to get out of the house and get some fresh air.

Tes and Me

H1 (L) and H2 (R)
Sitting back and relaxing in their stroller with their super hip shades and sippy cups on a string!

The sunglasses didn't last long!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Cheese & The Great Outdoors

H1 (L) and H2 (R)

The girls were in such a great mood yesterday and the smiles were contagious. I was able to capture these prime examples during an afternoon diaper change. It is truly amazing to see how they are no longer looking like infants. Their personalities are in their prime and they are their own little people. H1 is all about the wide open mouth smile while H2 likes to show off those two pearly whites she has now. H1 also has a new thing were she does a "cheese face" when you point the camera in her direction. I have a few pictures of her doing it up I have to try and still need to get them off my memory card. 

One thing that I asked in a local twins forum is how to get two babies who can not walk on their own outside to play. Most of the advice has been to either a) put them in a stroller then go where you need to go b) put a play yard outside and put one in it right outside the door then the other then move the whole thing or c) just grab them both either free handed or in a sling and go. The stroller thing won't work for me due to the stairs I have to go up/down to get inside and the play yard thing still seems dangerous cause technically you're still leaving one child unattended outside. So, I think I'm gonna end up using the grab and go method. I still has yet to take the girls in their little pool so if I'm feeling brave after their nap we may go try it out.
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