Monday, August 29, 2011

First Day of School

I haven't had internet access lately so I'm really behind. I'll do a full post for the first day but for now I'll leave you with this photo.


It’s hard to believe my girls are already four and off to preschool. I was a little worried about how well they would get up and ready on the first day but they surprised me and did well. They got up and dressed pretty quickly and were extremely excited to get out the door. Butterfly only let me get one decent photo before we left the house. She was a grump and refused to give me a good smile with one exception. Although, it isn’t the traditional first day of school photo it works for me!


We met Daddy at school and were the first ones to class. They got time to really explore the room and meet their teacher (whom I LOVE!) without vying for attention.


We are lucky that they already knew two friends from class. Our friends are another set of twins we’ve known from near birth. In their class they are one of four girls in their class of thirteen! I was a little worried about the boy to girl ratio but when they go out to the playground they go with another class which has more girls so they have been able to make more girlfriends.


We absolutely adore their teacher and can not believe how much they are already learning.

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