Sunday, March 30, 2008

9 Month Professional Photos

We went yesterday and had the girls 9 months photos done. Of course Miss Hailey decided, as usual, that she did not want to smile for the camera. Regardless we got some really adorable shots. I got the CD of all the pictures and the copyright so that I can make copies of any of the pictures. I made a collage of my favorites to share with our blog readers. I also, finally, got a picture of me with the girls. I plan on getting some family pictures done by a friend of mine shortly. Enjoy!


Friday, March 28, 2008

Never Ever Play With Matches

As the girls and I were playing today they crawled around to the back side of the swing and where the fireplace is. There was a box of long matches and they grabbed them up, pulled them out and went to town beating things to make noises. The cat thought that the matches looked like fun so she went running over there to play. She in turn got walloped by H1. They both sat there taking whacks at the cat depending on where the she was sitting and laughing hysterically.

H1 wanted to see if the swing leg made a noise...and it did!

Hey Kit! *whack whack*

Did you see that Ma? I hit the cat! It was SO funny!!!

She went for the swing but caught the cat instead. Right to the face!!!

At this point (when I got the camera phone out) H2 decided to start whacking the wall. Of course the one and only time she put it in her mouth I catch her.

Old Film...Fuzzy Photos

I apologize for my severe lack of posts this week. With the girls being up more during the day (and lately night as well) I find less time to get online. Speaking of our nightly play dates; H2 has decided that she is in the mood to play in the middle of the night lately. And let me tell you what, that makes for one sleepy girl during the day. She's been doing this on and off for a few weeks now. I am not sure if I should chalk it up to her having a growth spurt, which she is having, or that she's just anti-sleep lately.

I pulled out the old camera that my Dad gave me a long time ago and took some photos of the girls. Unfortunately, I didn't think to check the film that was in the camera. It had been in there, unused, for at least five years! The last time I used it was my 18th birthday party. So, although I got a few cute poses and faces they all came out a little weird, fussy, or discolored looking. I did a good bit of editing to these and made them look viewable.

Good morning and time to play!



Getting sleepy. It's almost time for a nap.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Holy Saturday

Today we went to Doodle's house to get our Easter baskets from her. It was a lot of fun. Each girl got their own basket with H1's being pink and H2's being purple. They each got an Easter/bunny themed book, a plush worm, a new cup (they LOVE cups), and Easter themed rubber duckies. H1's duck is dressed in a lamb costume and H2's is dressed in a purple bunny outfit. Too cute! Tomorrow they'll get their baskets from the Easter Bunny and then in the afternoon we're going to have Easter with family.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Loving Their Personalities

The girls are growing more quickly everyday is seems. H2 is officially cruising now (video to come!) Her new favorite thing is go from one end of the sectional sofa to the other which is by no means a small feat for someone who is just starting out. She amazed me every day with her courage and determination. She is not scared of anything and I definitely see some skydiving, bungee jumping, or possibly cliff diving (though now without me...I want to go cliff diving too!) in her future. Every time she falls she never cries she just simply shakes it off and goes again. She is such a trooper. Sometimes I look at her with her little bruise on her cheek from a resent tumble and wish I could be that brave.

Now H1, on the other hand, is by no means as eager as H2. Every time she takes even the smallest of bumps she's down for the count. She can be crawling along, miss place her hand, and as soon as her noggin' touches the ground the tears erupt. She just lays there looking at you so defeated. Honestly, it is hilarious. She's such a wonderful actress she could easy win an award. As soon as you go to her side she is all smiles and all is right in the world.

It's amazing to see the differences in these two little girls who look so much alike. Twins truly prove that everyone is an individual and that you are who you are! No matter how much anyone could try they will never be anyone but themselves and they can never replace each other.

It is also how strange how you can love two people who are so completely different the same amount. Most parents worry that they won't be able to love one child as much as the next but when it comes to parents of multiples that fear is much more profound. All through my pregnancy I worried that I would take a liking to one girl more than the other. I was scared that my personality would clash with one or the other and that I wouldn't have the same bond with her as I would her sister and for awhile after they were born that fear continued as we began to see who they were and how their personalities differed. It is funny how it all works. There were days in the beginning when on Monday I got along better with H2 and then Tuesday I got along better with H1. As they've gotten older though and I know who they are my love for them has grown considerably and there is not a single inkling of favoritism. I both love and like them the exact same; which I never would have thought could be possible.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

9 Month Doctor's Appointment

(Waiting to roll over to the weight station.)

H1 and H2 - half naked and ready to rumble!
The girls had their 9 month doctors appointment today. Luckily we didn't have to get any shots, just get a pin prick to check their iron levels. Everything is looking good and there are no real big problems. The only thing was that H1's iron was a bit low but it wasn't too bad. I started them both on vitamins now with extra iron in them to help out.

16lb 5oz & 26 inches long

16lb & 26 inches long

Just Another Ordinary Average Day

Today was nothing exciting. Just another normal day, just like any other. I woke up to, met James at the door to drop off PJ and ate some breakfast before the girls woke up. Thirty minutes later they were up and ready to go. The rest of the day went between playing with the babies, putting the down for naps, and working on my transcription. Tes came to pick up PJ and we've just been playing with our stacking cups ever since. Well, that was until Daddy got home. He was "juggling" one ball back and forth between one hand and every time he dropped H1 would go hysterical with laughter. It was so wonderful to hear. All day today she wasn't too happy. I don't think she got enough sleep during her morning nap. She is such a Daddy's girl!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

H1 Pulled Up!

H1's MoHawk!
One bit of big news is that H1 has pulled up! I finally was able to get a photo of her. She saw the cat sitting on the sofa and went running to get her. H2 wasn't too far behind!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Such Silly Girls

H2 has been so silly lately. Since she can pull herself up she is getting into everything! I had some ketchup on a plate after a snack that I set on the coffee table for a moment to pick H1 up. H2 zipped over to the table, pulled up, grabbed the plate, and proceeded to start licking it! Her face was COVERED in ketchup. It was so funny! I snatched her up and grabbed some wet wipes and the cellphone to snap a quick photo before cleaning her up.
She also got all excited over the basket full of clean laundry. She proceeded to try and heave herself into it. She just sat there teetering on the edge with her feet off the ground.
Ontop of all of the silly things she's done this week she finally got her second tooth. I'm glad that the teething is over; at least for now.

Monday, March 10, 2008

No More Parallel Play

Today the girls played together for the first time. They normally only do what is called "parallel play". It is so precious to see them together like that. They were holding hands and H2 was trying to keep H1's hand down on the floor. Every time H1 tried to lift her hand up they would both start to laugh hysterically. It is truly one of the magical moments of having twins!

Teething Stinks!

So, as the teething progresses I grow more and more exhausted. The girls normally do a great job in the morning but as the day moves on they grow more restless and it seems as though they are in more pain. Yesterday they started screaming/crying at about 2pm and didn't stop until we put them down for bed at 8pm. That just makes for a very long day! It probably doesn't help that we had the time change on Sunday. I've decided to wait until they get back to their normal non-teething selves and then we will tackle the schedule change.

H2 is trying to get her second bottom tooth and H1's third on the bottom is coming up. They're little mouths have had a busy week!

Friday, March 7, 2008

H1's 2nd Tooth

It's official...not only did both girls get their first teeth on Sunday at Sophia's birthday party; H1 just got her second tooth last night. H2's still working on her second. I can feel it just underneath the surface and I bet it will probably come through today or tomorrow. It's amazing how fast they're coming in. But, I'm glad its going quickly. That just means less time they have to hurt and the less time they'll be fussy.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

That Silly H2

Since PJ has been coming over he is using the girls old bouncy seat. Well, H2, my jealous little booger, decided that she too needed to be sitting in that bouncy seat. To keep her from continuously trying to crawl up and ontop of PJ I brought out the other seat. It was as though, as soon as she saw it that she knew it was for her. She went climbing right on up and into the seat. I clicked her in and she began bouncing herself back and forth and giggling hysterically. H1 just sat there looking at her like she was crazy! She has continued through out the day to climb in and out of the seat.

Mommy...what is that silly sister of mine doing?!?

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

9 Months Old

Can you believe that the girls are already nine months old? Sheesh! Time sure does fly. They are both crawling around like champs (H2 is actually crawling one all fours instead of just doing the inch worm), got their first teeth, AND H2 started pulling to standing all this month. We sure have been busy around here. All our teething toys have also being put to good use for the past few days. But they seem to prefer to naw on anything other than their toys. They like DVD cases, remotes, ect. Pretty much anything that Mommy and Daddy say no to; they want it more!
When PJ was here yesterday both of the girls crawled over to where he was sitting in the bouncy seat and sat beside him. I jumped up and grabbed the camera. These were completely spontanious and I did't pose them (I couldn't pose them at this point if I wanted to!) at all. I just couldn't believe how adorable it was. And of course they had to ham it up for the second shot!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

PJ's 1st Day

Yesterday was our first day with PJ and it went beautifully. Not only did PJ had some crazy girls to look at they, especially H2, couldn't get enough of him. He is such a joy to be around and is a wonderfully happy baby. He was just all smiles.

As soon as I set him down in the bouncy seat H2was taking off across the room at him. She pulled up to the side of the seat and sat there for about five whole minutes just talking to him. On occasion she would get really excited and start bouncy up and down which, obviously, makes the bouncy seat, well, bounce. Luckily PJ thought it was hilarious and she couldn't do it very hard. Heck, he weighs nearly as much as she does...I don't think she could bounce that hard!

I moved the girls excersaucer and jumperoo over closer to him because he kept straining to see them. He liked the jumper that H1was in best. Probably from all the movement. They had a little "meeting of the minds".

When Tes came to pick PJ up H2 decided that she was going to get a little jealous and that she wanted to sit in the bouncy seat too. She's been a little more clingy while she's teething. So, I sat her in the seat and she just smiled away. She's such a ham! It must run in the family! You think? ::hehe::

Monday, March 3, 2008

Our First Teeth and Friend's Birthday Party

Yesterday was a very big day for the twins.

We went to our Sophia's first birthday party. It was their first time attending their own friend's birthday (which sounds SO silly!) They barely knew what to do with themselves with all the people around. They loved watching Sophia walking around and they were very big fans of another little boy (who is roughly 14 months) named Riley. They both kept trying to race over to him. So funny!

And the other big, huge, monstrous new is that while we were at the party BOTH girls got their first tooth!!! H1's is on the bottom right and H2's is on the bottom left. (My Mom is starting to think that they may in fact be mirror image twins...I'm not so sure about all that!) They, of course, won't let me get pictures of them (that would be too easy!) so I will have to keep trying. It all makes sense why they were so fussy the past few weeks.

We are very excited because PJ is going to be coming for the first time tomorrow.
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