Sunday, December 26, 2010

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Eve 2010

As Santa starts to pack his sleigh I've gotten all of our gifts wrapped and ready, the tree and "fireplace" are cozy and the stockings are hung.

Tomorrow we'll be going to a party with our kid friends for a present swap then home to bake Christmas cookies for Santa Claus! It's hard to believe Christmas is here already.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Meeting Santa 2010

The girls were really into Santa this year which is wonderful. They haven’t really had any liking for the big red guy before.


On our want through the mall to visit Santa they literally broke out into an all out sprint. They were knocking old ladies down and merchandise was flying! (Well, at least that’s what it seemed like to me as I desperately tried to calm them down.)


As we got closer to Santa’s magical area they slowed to a crawl and snuck their heads around to get a peek as we waited in line.



They were so excited and yet so nervous. They kept asking me “Mama, what do I say?” or “Mama, does he know my name already?”



Merry Christmas

We had a fantastic Christmas day. The girls woke up at their usual 7:45am and I had the camera waiting for them!

They were amazed to see that Santa had left them presents. They were a little worried that he wouldn't be able to find us since we moved but their fears were squelched once they saw everyones gifts.

Hailey ran over to see if Santa had eaten the cookies we baked for him the night before and he had! Not only that but he drank nearly all of his milk. They both agree that since Santa finished his food he will grow up big and strong. Lol!

They opened their gift from Santa first. He brought them exactly what they had asked for; a new Barbie doll. She is a fairy with removable wings that you can decorate! They just had to have her opened right then and there.

After opening all their gifts (Barbies, two little drawing tables from Doodle, new bedding from Poppy) they put on their new outfit from Santa and had a small snack.

All the mornings excitement nearly wore Hailey out. She sat down next to Doodle and after some back rubs from Poppy was nearly out for the count! She perked right up though when she learned we had more fun Christmas day plans.

Our New Home!

We have officially moved to our new place. We moved the majority of our stuff Wednesday and are nearly all set up. The only things left to move are a few stray clothes and the dressers to put them in. I just have a ton of organization at the new house and cleaning at the old to do now. Just remind me it'll all be over soon.

Our first night was a bit rough on the girls. They would wake up not knowing where they were and would scream bloody murder. They kept going back and forth with which one would wake up so Mommy got all of about 30 minutes of sleep. Our second night was much better. We all got relatively decent sleep.

We've never had adjoining neighbors before so it's a huge adjustment for the girls. We have to really work hard on keeping our inside voices on especially at night and not running because with the hardwood floors each step is echoed. That's all easier said then done with two very excitable three year olds.  

Monday, December 13, 2010


I took the girls to see Tangled. I was a little worried that they wouldn't air through it, would be too loud or that I wouldn't be able to handle them alone but it turned out to be a fantastic outing. We got our tickets and handed them to the nice young man at the entrance. The girls were pumped up to say the least and nearly clobbered each other to try and be first in the door. Grabbing a drink and popcorn to share we headed into the theater. I tried to time it as to where we'd get there after the five million previews but before the movie began and we ended up having perfect timing. The only downside was that the theater had the seats you have to fold down to sit in and my tiny children barely weighted enough to keep then down. Once they figured it out we were ready to go. Hailey sat mostly still and quite and just watched in awe while scarfing popcorn at an alarming rate while Hannah on the other hand was (whispering) a million and one questions my way the entire time. All in all they did great and really proved how much they are growing up. After the movie the told everyone and their brother all about the movie. I am still amazed at how much they understood and how the parts I was worried I'd have to explain to them they picked up on.

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