Friday, February 27, 2009

Playing with Dylan

Playing with Dylan, originally uploaded by H2Mommy.

Today we played with my moms friends nephew Dylan. The girls enjoyed playing with him and he enjoyed trying to teach them how to properly use their toys. It was great!

Our 1st Art Project

Yesterday we played with modeling clay and learned about the letter H. It was our first time with any type of clay dough and I learned that the letter H is a big hit in this family! Mommy made an M to represent herself.
We also made sculptures for Doodle. Butterfly made a lumpy one that stands up and Ladybug made a bowl-like creation. They loved it and so did Mommy!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Goofy Girls!

The Goofball Twins!!!

Those goofy girls of mine found their new panties for when we start potty training (it was delayed when they got sick) and proceeded to put them on. Although, incorrectly! I couldn't help but laugh hysterically when they came walking up to me. They were so proud of themselves! The best part is is that they each where able to pick out their own colors. Hence, Ladybug in purple and Butterfly in pink!
Oh yes, this one will definitely be used to embarrass them when they bring home a boyfriend.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Best Thing To Do When You're Sick

The girls and I are still sick. They have the respiratory virus, pink eye and ear infections. Let's just say they're not happy campers! I've got the respiratory virus and possibly strep throat. We're keeping our meds in us and trying to rest up (which isn't easy for Mommy with two cranky babies who can't sleep).

The girls have decided to be couch potatoes this morning. A little PBS Kids is good medicine!

Friday, February 6, 2009

School, Braces & Illness

We've had a very busy week. On Monday I started my new job as the assistant teacher for the one year old room at a local daycare. It's great because the girls still get to be with me and we're all having a blast. It's hard work...harder than I thought it would be but I absolutely love it! My coworkers are great and the kids are just too cute for words. Another good thing is that PJ is there with us too so we won't be going through with drawls anytime soon.

On Wednesday I got my braces put on. I've had them before when I was younger but my teeth shifted and I developed TMJ. I was a weirdo and was actually looking forward to getting them put on. Luckily you don't really notice them too much. I actually had to smile really big to make the girls notice. Ladybug came over and took a peek. She touched them, shrugged, and moved on. Butterfly could have cared less. They're still a little sore but getting better everyday. I can already see some changes!

Now us gals all have yucky sinus infections. Were over the fever portion and now just on to the stuffed up, can't sleep, miserable, take off my head with a machete portion. Yuck! Hopefully were all well enough by Monday so that I'm not dragging cranky kids to school with me. *fingers crossed*
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