Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Day Camp

The girls have been having a blast at camp. It's only day two and they were literally jumping out of the door and racing inside! The theme for the week is Fairytale Princess and I couldn't have picked a better one. They've played dress up, made bracelets, danced, painted, and had a hula-hooping contest all just on day one! I can't wait to see what they have done today.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Our First Swimming Lesson

The girls had their first official swimming lesson at the YMCA today! They are the only girls in their class of seven kids but it didn't deter them one bit.

The first lesson was a quick one with a little "pool orientation" to begin with. The teacher walked them around the pool and explained the life guard, the lap lane and where the shallow and deep ends are. The girls grasped all that pretty quickly and then they moved on to the actual lesson. They started out practicing their kicking on the side of the wall. The amount of water flying was phenomenal! Then they blew bubbles and then, one by one, the teacher counted to three and put them completely under water. Ladybug did not appreciate it AT ALL! She jumped out of the pool and came and wiped her face with the towel. As soon as her she did though she walked right back over and got back in the water. Butterfly wasn't too happy about going under either but she got over it quickly and by the end of the next bubble blowing practice she was holding on and putting her entire face in.

Did I mention that this entire time I was sitting in the 110 degree straight up sunshine and about to burst into flames because I was so hot. A few kids came with their grandparents and they all took up every single chair (not with bodies but with bags and things!) that was even partially shaded by an umbrella. I looked like I had been in the water too after it was said and done.

After a little kick boarding and practicing using their arms it was time to go.

We'll be back again every day this and next week!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Lessons in Life - Not Swimming

I had went onto Craigslist to find someone to give the girls swimming lessons. I had this whole picture in my head of having a professional come and and really make more progress with the girls than a regular group lesson would. I found a post I really liked and contacted the women. We exchanged nearly 18(!) emails including cost, place, what was involved and schedule. We really had the whole works down and I'd even Facebook stalked her to see what she looked like. I was really proud of myself!

That was until we showed up at the pool and sat for fifteen minutes. After that time I just figured she was running late or got lost so we put on our suits and just swam around and played. Thirty minutes went by and still nothing. No email, no phone call, no instructor. I thought perhaps she got lost or was stuck in traffic. I'm the type of person to always be positive. When the forty five minute mark rolled around I started to get annoyed. The girls were getting agitated, as was I, and they couldn't wrap their four year old mind around why their teacher wasn't there and why she probably wasn't coming. At the one hour mark I was mad. I couldn't believe after the two weeks of emails that she would show us up! The girls were very upset and were literally crying because they thought that she wasn't coming due to some reason of their own.

When I got home I hoped on the computer and sent her an email to see what happened. I didn't think I would hear back from her at all and in a way I wish I hadn't. She responded the following day to let me know that I had not communicated the location well enough for her and she was unable to try to find it. That's right folks; she didn't even attempt to locate the exact address I sent her twice including directions from a major intersection. Then, to top the cake, she tells me that she can still teach them but she was going to have to cancel the next days lesson because something came up.

She got a strongly worded, but polite, email from me letting her know that because she was obviously too busy to teach my children I would find someone who could.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Summer Schedule

We are in the midst of summer break and we are gearing up for a ton of fun around here. This is the first year that the girls are old enough to do anything and I am taking full advantage of it. I know that once they start school that I won’t let summer get too busy so I figured that just once we’d do a lot of activities. I actually had to buy a planner for the first time since I was in school myself because we have so much planned. Let us not pretend that looking at those full boxes on the calendar doesn’t make me palpitate just a little. We have five major things we are doing in the next two months as well as quite a few birthday parties (that are planned so far) and playdates! Swimming lessons for an hour three days a week, ballet and tap for an hour once a week, dance camp four hours per day for one week, music camp three hours per day for one week and vacation Bible school two hours per day for one week. *Whew*

If that isn’t enough to freak me out I don’t know what it is but it is all for a good reason. The girls have never been away from home for any school or daycare and the idea of them going cold turkey to preschool in August is scary not just for me but for them as well. They’ve already voiced some apprehension so I’m doing what I can to help foster a love of activities out of the house before they are thrust into the outside world full time. Now, don’t get me wrong, they have already done a few outside activities including a year of creative movements class and MOPS  not to mention Sunday School at our church (which is the same place they go to MOPS and will go to preschool) but that was for thirty minutes a week and an hour or so every other week versus school three to five hours per day five days a week. They are extremely excited for all their summer fun and ask me nearly everyday when they can start.
“Mommy, where are you going in the morning?”

Friday, June 10, 2011

Scentsy Online Party

Hey guys and gals! I've recently fallen in love with the Scentsy line and am hosting an online party. I have scent samples and if you want to take a sniff let me know! (It's a good excuse to get together.) Just check out the link, browse and see if there's anything that sparks your interest. If you are local and want to order let me know if you'd rather pay with cash or a check instead of credit or debit online.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Waiting? It’s Fun!

Who says waiting can't be fun?

While we waited in line at the party store for the birthday balloons to get blown up the girls found the party glasses. They let everyone watch their fashion show and struck a pose at the end of the isle.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Buying Clothes is Ridic

Trying to find clothing is ridiculous! I’ve been searching for a pair of jean shorts for quite some time and my search has been in vain until today. It doesn’t seem like it would be that difficult but the way that people design clothing anymore is it any wonder that the majority of our teenagers look like prostitutes? Everything is low cut with a high inseam with holes and riped seams.

I went to a major department store today and was, yet again, appalled by what they were trying to sell as shorts in the juniors department. They are not shorts…they are denim underpants!!! Most of what I saw looked like the photo below.

Seriously…..these look like they need to be tossed out because they’ve been demolished and turned into Daisy Dukes!

Let me be clear on one thing that makes this even more difficult. I wear a smaller size which they sell in both the juniors and misses areas. I will not complain that I’m no longer a size zero but I have a very hard time finding pants that actually fit whether they be pants or shorts due to the size. All juniors clothes are made for girls who have not had children. My twin bearing hips no longer appreciate them. On the other hand most misses clothing are geared towards the 40 plus set and are too flowy for my shape. There is really not a good selection of clothing for people like me. Women who are still on the small size (yes, yes…hate me now) AND who want clothing that look appropriate for a mother.

These are the styles of “shorts” I found in the misses section. One half have an elastic waist ands and the other half are bermuda size not shorts at all!


I was finally able to find one pair. They are Lee and have a good bit of stretch to them which is great so that they don’t fit too snug and they are not too short and not too long. I am SO excited to wear them and not look like a street walker!

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