Thursday, November 30, 2006

It's Twins!!!!

So I now understand why I have been having so much "morning" sickness. I went for my first ultrasound yesterday (sorry no picture to post yet) and sure enough it's two little ones! They were just a kicked and moving and doing all sorts of little boogies. It was amazing to see. I'm surprised I haven't felt them yet as much as they were going to town in there. I nearly went into did R. We are SO excited that God would give us such a special gift.

I am going to a sonographer next week to get them checked out and to find out what type of twins they are and to make sure they are growing properly. My hope now it that everything will look good in the ultrasound and that "The Smooshies" are healthy.

Friday, November 10, 2006

I'm Pregnant!

Hi there everyone! I'm starting this blog for our friends and family out of town. I'm H2Mommy!

Well ladies and gents it is official...we are expecting our first baby. I am 9 weeks along right now (10 on Sunday) and my due date is June 10th.

We found out on our Tennessee trip for our late honeymoon. We spent the day at Dollywood and then went to Medieval Times for dinner. The day was going great until they set that big plate of food in front of me and I instantly got nauseated. I had a feeling that I wasn't just sick all of a sudden and I went to the local drug store. We got back to our cabin and I instantly took a test and sure line! We confirmed it with a blood test through my regular doctor and I have my first OB appointment next week.

So far things have been well but I must admit that morning sickness is the worst. The morning sickness started on October 23rd. I have been sick to my stomach at least once a day. Not to mention the other strange things that happens to your body.

It's so crazy! Both me and my two best friends (and cousins) are all pregnant and due within a few weeks of each other as well which is wonderful.
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