Tuesday, October 30, 2007

At Sara's Baby Shower

Our first photo all together at Daddy's cousin Sara's baby shower.

H2Mommy and H1- R and H2

Ready to get going...we had fun visiting our family.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Playing At Aunt Lissa's House



It's hard work playing so much...we needed some sleep. H2 thought H1's tooshy made the best pillow. They somehow also switch sides of the bed during the night!

Aunt Tes' Baby Shower

Just a few photos from Aunt Tes' baby shower...

Aunt Tes and P.J.'s Teddy Bear
Stephanie, Aunt Tes, and Mimi - And S
Tes and Marie in her "Bonnet" Marie made.

H1 sitting on Grandma's lap
Tes' shower was really nice and she looked beautiful! She got a lot of nice things and P.J. is going to be ready to go when he gets here. I wasn't able to get the photo of H2 off the camera. It says that it is "corrupt". *shrug*

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Off to Aunt Tes' Baby Shower

We're going to be headed out of town tomorrow for the weekend. It is Stephanie's baby shower and we are very excited.

A weekend update will come as soon as we get back home.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Nap Time

We were SO sleepy after our lunch we fell asleep before Mommy could even burp us.

We had a great nap and woke up SUPER happy. We've been squeeling since we woke up!

Spillman Family Dinner

Yesterday we went to eat dinner with my Dad's side of the family to see my Aunt and cousin who were coming through town. We all met at a little pizza place in a neighboring town. It was SO great to see everyone and for my Aunt Elodie and cousin Natasha to meet the girls. We don't all get together very much so when we do it is wonderful.

My Aunt Elodie, Natasha, and her family recently moved up to Kentucky and I wasn't able to see them during their last drive through. I hadn't seen Natasha in nearly 10 years much less seeing any of her children! Her youngest daughter came down with them and I swear she looks just like her (as do her other two daughters).

I guess I'll give the run-down of everyone that was at dinner. There was my Uncle Al (older man in the first photo), Dad, Aunt Brenda (holding H2 in the black shirt), cousin Sonia (holding H1 and H2 in the white shirt) and her family, Tammy and her family, Aunt Elodie, Natasha and her daughter (showing H2 to her little girl). We had a TON of people there. The girls had enough lovin' to last them for weeks last night! I didn't get a whole lot of photos last night and most of them were really fuzzy. These are the only four that came out but they are pretty good.

The girls did a great job last night. We were out way past their bedtime but they never really got too fussy. They had so many people to visit and see they didn't have time to be fussy. They were just talking away and looking all around.
Unfortunately, on the way home last night we had a small accident. Only about a mile or so down the road from our neighborhood a van with a full trailer pulled out in front of us. As they did a shopvac came rolling off the trailer and we plowed right into it. The whole car was jolted (luckily the girls didn't seem to notice and driver's side front clip was messed up. R came and dropped us at home and went to find the van. It happened to be owned by someone who is a friend of the family so there was no problems getting insurance information. The car is at the body shop today and should be back (hopefully) tomorrow.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Let's Go To The Museum

Our family (Kenny, his wife Lisa, and three of her kids C, MK and M) came into town this weekend from Mississippi. It was SO great to see them. I've known my cousin Kenny all my life but, even though I talk to his wife Lisa almost daily, I'd never met her or their kids in person. The youngest two kids (MK and M) are fraternal twin so I'm always asking Lisa questions. She's been my biggest help...I don't know what I'd do without her support. It was great to meet the kids. They are so sweet and just hilarious. H2 has a big crush on Maison now...he just made her laugh and laugh. It was too cute!

While they were here we all went to the Florida History Museum downtown. I hadn't been since I was in elementary school so it was strange to go with my own kids. Even though the girls aren't old enough to really know what was going on at times they seemed really interested in what was around them. They really enjoyed the exhibit of the Seminole village. I think that they enjoyed it the best because the wax figures were life size and hey probably thought they were real people.

Me holding H1 and Doodle holding H2.

Looking into the diorama.

Looking at exhibits about the Spanish coming to Florida.
The girls enjoyed looking at the "shinnies" in the case from shipwrecks and H1 took a sit on the canon. H2 sat for a minute but the metal was cold on her toosh.
While we were there the girls needed to eat so I started to make their bottles. I went looking through the bags to get their formula and I didn't see it. My first thought was..."Oh No!" I couldn't believe I forgot their formula sitting on the counter. I felt so bad. Luckily, Kenny said  "Are you sure it didn't fall out of the bag in your car?" I'm glad he said that because I remembered I left some samples in the car. Thank Goodness! That could have been bad. I can't have my girls going hungry.
We headed back to Doodle's to eat some dinner. Aunt Tes and Uncle James swung by to see everyone. It was great to see them and PJ is starting to grow. I just HAD to snap a photo of the girls with them.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Eating Our Cereal

We are cereal for the second night in a row last night. They ate about a half an ounce each and it was about all they could do. The first time we tried the thick cereal it didn't work out to well but last night the girls did great! H2 is good at eating from the spoon but H1 had a few problems. This time she did much better. She didn't spit but a little bit out. It's amazing to see how big they're getting. Sitting up in their seats, eating from a spoon, and smiling so much! It's just amazing.

I'm a bit upset because I recorded them eating last night but it accidentally got deleted. Luckily, I taped them on the very first time. Unfortunately, I can't post that to the website...it isn't compatible. Maybe I can get a good video tonight.

When one is eating the other one just sits and watched her sister. Those girls are just too funny. H2 gets a bit upset with me when I'm feeding her sister because she thinks that any spoon should be hers.

Look at how messy we got!
Right after they ate we went and hopped in the tub to clean off. They love their baths now. They just splash and laugh. H2 is the biggest splasher. She'll splash H1 and then she will splash back! H1 thinks that the cup that I use to rinse them with is her toy so every time she sees it she reaches out to try and take it. When I give it to her she picks it up and puts it to her lips as though she is trying to drink out of it like a big girl (I make sure there is nothing in it and is dried out when she has it).

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

An Eventful Day

We had quite an eventful day. The girls slept all through the night again (Yeah!) and woke up at 9am on the dot. I still find it absolutely amazing how in sync and perfectly on schedule they are. So, we dressed, ate breakfast, and headed out the door. Our first stop was the medical records department of the hospital. You see, when the girls had their footprints taken and ID bracelets removed they were put onto their "Newborn ID" sheet and we never got a copy of it. Ick! So, I hauled my butt up there and got them. They charge you a dollar per sheet of paper for medical copies but it is all worth it. Although I would have LOVED to have the original or had made one just for us, at that point I was still in my delivery fog. So, we officially have footprints! I've already made another copy and posted them in their baby books.

Our second stop was to visit Doodle (my mom). She works across the street at the girls pediatrician's office as a nurse. She walks across the street every day to each lunch at a little dinner with her friend and co-worker Connie. We went over and joined them for lunch. It was nice to see Ms. Connie (her granddaughter was one of my flower girls and her husband performed our wedding ceremony) and visit with my Mom for a minute. The girls enjoyed it too.

Our last stop was to the store to get formula. It gets expense fast with two babies. We go through easily a can every two or three days. They only take 4 to 41/2oz of milk every three hours so it's not too much of a strain financially yet. Luckily they aren't one of those babies who each 7oz at two months! And even though they don't take much at a time they are still chunky munkys. We're home now and the girls are napping in their swings (they weren't having the crib today.) I need to do some house cleaning. My house is a literal disaster. There is so much to do and my time is very limited. I don't just need a maid...I need magic.

Monday, October 15, 2007


More good news today! I had been really upset because the nurse at the hospital had not given me a copy of the girls footprint sheet, nor their ID bracelets. Well, I tried calling the hospital again today and I finally got a hold of someone who knew where I can get a copy. And best yet...all I need is two dollars and my drivers license and we're in baby book business. Hoorah!!!

I have been desperately trying to work on the girls books lately and I am missing the biggest things that I need. Their footprints, birth certificate (gotta order those!) and photos. 99% of the photos I have of the girls are digital/online. I need to save up some money and have them printed out.

4 Months (2nd Week)

I barely know what to do with a quiet house anymore.  So, I shall give you some updates.

* As of October 8th my big 'ol girl H1 finally joined her sister in the rollie pollie gang. Back to belly - Belly to back...you name it...they do it!

* Though I separated them for one night the girls are still co-sleeping in one crib. They did not like being apart. As soon as one woke up she would start frantically looking around for her sister. So, until further notice...one crib is all we need!

* On the tooth front H2 has two teeth bumps on the bottom while H1 just has just the one. They have yet to erupt but I don't see it being too terribly much longer. Their hands are constantly in their mouth and they have morphed into drool monsters. Bibs are now a must.

* The girls favorite toy is still Mr. Bun-Bun the pink bunny rattle/blanket toy. He's easy to chew and fun to hear make all that noise.

* H2 is doing wonderfully with her hand-eye coordination. She is able to grasp much more easily with both hands now and tries to grab everything. H1 isn't quite as good at using both hands yet but she is close behind. They are not able to grasp their big Baby Einstein blocks from Aunt Elodie and Nikki and they love to shake the ones with the rattles inside.

* They are also trying to hold their own bottles!!! They can hold on to it for a few moments but Mommy have to spot them most of the time. It's amazing to see them holding it up all by themselves.

Time really does fly by. Just four short months ago the girls would barely move their own arms and had to have their necks closely guarded when being held. Now, they are grabbing at everything, holding themselves up on their bellies, and kicking like there is no tomorrow. We just can't wait to see what amazing thing they do next!

Goodnight Moon ... Good Morning Sun

The girls have officially slept ALL the way through the night for the first time! An entire shift from 9pm to 9am. Amazing! I nearly had a heart attack when I woke up at 8am ad there were no talking babies. AHH! But there they were still sleeping peacefully side by side in their cribs. I hardly know what to think have a "full" night of sleep.

I put their mirrors in their crib today as well and they think they are hilarious! They both rolled over and just stared at themselves. Too cute!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

An Afternoon with Nana

We went out to celebrate our anniversary tonight. Yes, I know it's a month late but it really all works out. We didn't go on our honeymoon until a month after the wedding, which is exactly a year ago today! This time last year we were sitting in a cozy cabin on the little Pigeon River in Tennessee. Little did we know how this year would go. We thought we were just celebrating our union and trying to relax a bit. Thank goodness we got that rest in... I wish we were up in that cabin right now in this beautiful cool weather. Not anytime soon but maybe one day we can head back up there.

We dropped the girls off with their Nana and Papa and headed off to dinner. We ate until we were stuffed and decided what we wanted to do next. Due to the time and the girls schedule we weren't able to go to the movie like we had wanted to so we went to the store for a nice leisurely stroll. It was strange not having the girls with us and just being able to take our time and look through the shelves. That hasn't happen in quite awhile. We got some things we needed and just a few things we didn't. We then made our way to Applebee's to have some dessert. We got their Blue Ribbon Brownie and ice cream. And as Rachael Ray says "Yumm-O!" We picked up the girls, came home, and started out nightly routine. They take a bath, put on their jammies, eat their nightly cereal bottle, lay down in their cribs, read a story, turn on their mobile, and head off to sleep.
This was our third time going out alone and each time it gets a bit easier. The first time we were gone for maybe an hour and it was AWFUL for me. I was an emotional wreck. The second time was good for the majority of the time until we were on the way home and I started to feel extremely guilty. I hate to be away from the girls at all but I know for our marriage and my mental health it's good to get out once in awhile.

Saturday, October 13, 2007


These outfits were a gift from Nana. They are doing a great job with the hats. They haven't tried to take them off or anything. They liked looking at each other and couldn't figure out what that was on their sisters head.
Today we went with Nana to Barnaby's Pizza for the first time since before the babies were born. It was fun. But, of course, as soon as I took 2 bites of my first bite of pizza H2 started whining for her bottle...and then H1. I think they get jealous that they can't have the "good" food so they make me wait to get mine. They're so funny.

They haven't taken a good nap all day so they are both EXTREMELY fussy now. H1 is especially angry. I've tried putting them in their bed, the bouncy seats (with the vibration on), and now in their swings. Still....nothing. At least she isn't fussing as badly in the swing. I believe it will only be a matter of time. ........ And there she goes, off to sleep!


I relish in my few moments of free time when the girls have yet to wake for their midnight feeding and when the rest of the world has already gone to bed.


Friday, October 12, 2007


We have officially started solids!

Although their first "solids" weren't all that solid. For their first two feedings I just added a little rice to their milk so it wasn't too thick. I honestly thought it would make some kind of difference in them either through sleeping or their hunger, but that didn't happen. We gave them their rice at bedtime (9 p.m.) but they still woke back up at midnight and seem just as hungry with the rice as without.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

4 Month Photos

H1 giving the profile photo and H2 looking like I just scared her.

H1 was not happy! She was being a faker. Five seconds after I snapped this picture she was fine.

And here's the proof.

Playing with their Whozits that Stephanie bought them. They love them but they keep on trying to steal them from each other.
In their outfits from Sis, Kari, and Olivia! They really say it all don't they? Cuties. They have little jeans they will be able to wear with them when it gets cooler. They have little hearts all over them.
And of course I gotta put the photos of my crazy smiling babies...

They are always SO wiggly when they're happy it's hard to get good smiling photos. Hence why H2 is all fuzzy.  They are too funny!

Monday, October 8, 2007

4 Month Checkup

The girls went to their 4 month checkup today and they are just growing like weeds.

Weight: 13lb 11o
Length: 24 inches
Head: 42 cm

Weight: 13lb 11oz
Length: 24 1/2 inches
Head: 42 cm

They did a great job even though they had to get their vaccines. 3 shots; 2 in the right leg and 1 in the left. As soon as they got them Grandma and I gave them their bottles to help get their mind off of it. It really did seem to help. They fell right asleep after that. Once we got home they took a long nap. I can tell they aren't feeling too good still; H1 especially. H2's ear infection is all clear now as well. I am glad we caught it so quickly.

I haven't been able to get very good pictures lately. They are just so wiggly all their photos come out blurry!

On another exciting note H1 rolled over from back to belly for the first time today! HOORAY!

Well, the girls are getting fussy again. Gotta skoot...photos coming soon, I promise!

Friday, October 5, 2007

4 Months Old

Today we are a whole 4 months old! Can you believe it? Neither can Mommy. When we went to the doctor the other day we got weighed again and we are getting HUGE! H1 is 13lb 8oz and H2 is 13lb 7oz. WOW!

For our 4 month birthday we went to visit Grandpa at work. He held us both and we just loved it. We thought he was very funny. H1 just kept giggling at him whenever he made funny faces at her. We showed off to everyone in the office and had fun visiting. Whenever we got home Nana came over and we had fun playing with her. We got a little fussy and sleepy and we took a good nap while Mommy and Nana held us.

We also went and got our new SuperYard for whenever we get a bit older. One of the ladies from the twins club was selling it and Mommy jumped on it! Whenever we start to walk I know we're going to try and get into everything and if Mommy ever want to leave the room we know we will be safe in something like this. It's really big and is going to be great for both of us!

Mommy will post new pictures of us tomorrow. Right now we are going to go take our baths!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Sick Baby

I took the girls to the doctor today. H2 has a cold and an ear infection. She's been miserable the past few days. H1 isn't sick but I know it will only be a matter of time. H2 is now on antibiotics and has some ear drops. Hopefully she'll get better soon.

Although it isn't a good "milestone" to reach; this was their first sick doctors appointment.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Grab That Toy!

Today we reached yet another milestone. The girls were sitting in their pods and I put their Whozits on the white area of the pod. Both of them reached out and grabbed them! It was such a great thing to see.

They seem to like playing a bit more now that they can pick up their toys better. There are still quite a few that they can't hold due to either the toys weight or bulk but little things (especially their blanket toys) they are all over. I am going to start trying different toys during the day and see if there are any that that can play with now that they couldn't before. I bet there is something in that box they'll enjoy. Maybe the rattles?!? I'll let you know.
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