Saturday, May 28, 2011

Ladybugs’s Ouchy

My sweet Bug got her first stitches this week. She banged her head in her bedroom and it made a cut that looked like a T right below her right eyebrow by her nose and took off a good small portion of skin under her eye by her nose. She only cried for a moment but I think because both Butterfly and I stayed calm it really helped (and I didn’t let her go look into the mirror like she wanted to.) There was a pretty good bit of blood just due to where the cut was. I got it stopped pretty quickly and she did a great job of holding the towel on while I searched for the phone. I wasn’t able to get a hold of anyone at first but right as I was about to call her Aunt Tes called me. Her and her adorable family were not far away and come by to help me determine whether I should go up to the Urgent Care.
Aunt Tes helped me get the girls up and in the car and to the hospital. Luckily I live five minutes away from the hospital which helps my anxiety levels. When they called us back Aunt Tes was able to stay with Butterfly in the waiting room while we got Ladybug’s initial check in complete. They weighed her in at a whopping 36.5 lbs, she had no temp but she was scared out of her mind. She kept asking for her sister and they let Aunt Tes and Butterfly back soon after. As soon as they came in they had Ladybug lay down and gently put some numbing gel on the area to prep it. She was not a happy camper but Butterfly was great and held her hand the entire time.

A few minutes later the doctor came back in with the suture tray and draped Buggy with a sheet. I was shocked at how amazing she did. Not a muscle was moved as the doctor patiently and and precisely (she was AMAZING!) sutured her back up. She received four stitches and was happy as a peach as soon as she was done. They put a small bandage on it to keep her from picking at it while it was still numb and she and Butterfly both got to pick out a Hannah Montana sticker.


She’s healing quickly and looks wonderfully beautiful stitches and all!

IMG_3672 - Copy

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Our First Dance Recital

Our photo from the last day of class.

Our class photo right after we danced on stage.

With our teacher Miss Hilary.


The girls had their first recital and they did amazing! I was honestly worried about them just standing there or breaking it down to their own dance but they didn't. Their teacher, Miss Hilary, separated them in the line which really helped. I was the “room mom” so I got to stay with all the girls backstage while we waited our turn. They all did really well except for our youngest member who really, really did not want to be without her Mama. All her friends helped get her excited and she ended up doing great on stage as well.

I wish the video I shot turned our better but you can't tell who is who due to the lighting. I may post it anyway just to let everyone see.

Hailey and Hannah

Right before we started heading to the stage!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Lost Posts

I wrote and drafted five posts last night and they are all gone. Talk about frustrating.

Monday, May 9, 2011

My Third Mother's Day

Mother's Day has never been a good day for me since becoming a mother. It brings up some tough times and memories. This year was no exception unfortunately until the end.

With the girls being with their dad on Sunday it was very strange. The house was quite and clean(ish) and I got to sleep in until 9! But it was depressing without them. Stephen did what he could to help cheer me up and made a valiant effort. About noon I had a bad phone call that just took me from sad to upset and it took everything I had not to let it all overwhelm my emotions.

Luckily Ryan brought the girls home early! So we hopped in the car and went to see Stephen's parents and to do a little fishing. The girls cheered me right up with their love and then getting to see the family and get my mind off things was great. The ladies loved helping Stephen fish (while mommy enjoyed sitting in the shade) and finding dandy. lions. But don't call them dandy infront of Hannah because she'll correct you quickly. "They are CANDY lions Mama!"

At the end of it all I was just happy to tuck my sweet girls in bed and dream the day away.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Brace Face

Before and After

I have officially gotten my braces off! This was my second go round (wear your retainers kids!!!) and took three years. The girls had no memory of me before I got them on and Stephen hadn't met me before I had them so I was wondering what everyone would think. The girls were extremely iffy on if they thought that I looked okay. Hailey kept asking me to go and put them back on but she's finally started coming around to the idea. I now get to wear my clear Essix retainer, which looks just like Invisalign, for three months 24/7. It's slightly difficult to speak with and I had a lovely lisp with it. I can only take it out to eat or drink unless it's just water. Then after that I only have to wear it at night. I'm glad to be done with it all.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Easter At Daddy's

The little squirrelly girlies went to their dad's house for Easter. Their cousin Austin came over and they all got to hunt eggs along with their new German Shepherd puppy Levi. They are definitely master egg hunters!

They are so lucky to have so many wonderful people who love them. They get to celebrate every holiday twice, get twice as many presents and twice and much love! And unlike so many other divorced families we all get along great. God has definitely blessed us all.

Give my daughter a camera...

Nearly all of H2's photos end up being self portraits a la Blair Witch. It cracks me up every time I find one.
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