Wednesday, October 5, 2011



I know what you must be thinking right now. “Homework?!? But they’re in preschool!” So before we panic let me start out by saying that any homework that the kids get is completely voluntary. The girls are a little behind with their writing due to it taking awhile for them to decide on a dominant hand (mostly LadyBug) so their teacher made up some practice sheets to help them with writing their names.

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They think that they are so big having homework to do just like their big cousins and sit studiously at the table pretty quietly. Since they’ve been working on it their sheets their names are actually mostly legible!

Hannah aka Butterfly

Hannah is more artistically minded and we (their teacher and I) have found that to help her with her letters if you describe each letter as an object to draw instead of a letter to write she does much better. So her a’s are circles with a little tail, her n’s are little rainbows and her little h’s are rainbows with a stick on top.

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Hailey aka LadyBug

Hailey does not do as well with her letters yet. I think it is because she thinks to hard about each one. My favorite one is her i’s. They are a small stick with a circle sitting on top. Her e’s are phenomenal though. How she got those down so easily and the a’s escape her makes me giggle.

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